Community Projects

Since 2001 we have supported a number of communities in different ways…

Building of 20 anti-seismic homes in El Salvador and Guatemala following earthquakes in the Central Americas

Donation to the Guatemala City Justice and Peace Group to help with ecological see growing enabling poor families to grow their own vegetables.

Donation to the Poor Clare Sisters in a Mayan area of Guatemala to help run a small clinic with 6 beds and to treat minor illnesses. They also helped families to grow their own vegetables and help them become self sufficient.

Donation to Poor Clare Sisters in Guatemala who run a day nursery enabling mothers to go out and work and to help run a leper hospital.

Donation to the Franciscan Justice and Peace Office in El Salvador who worked with parish priests to support  outreach work with gangs which
exist in many communities. Successes have involved environmental clean up projects in neighbourhoods which gangs were involved with.

Donation to a number of skilled individual people in the El Salvadoran parish of Soyapango where Father Peter O’Neill was based who had been
unable to work because they had no tools or equipment. Funds enabled some of them including a carpenter, to go back to work.

Donation to a parish where the Franciscans were based in El Salvador towards an environmental project which involved the gangs and the local people.  The funds helped to change a rather large area that was full of rubbish and bushes into an environmental park.

Donation to the Hermano Pedro Charity  inspired by the saint Hermano Pedro who did similar work to St Francis in Central America. This organisation extends charity, solidarity and support to the poor, disabled, ill and those with addiction problems. They have a number of homes and projects in Central America run with the help of volunteers from both Central America and all over the world.

Donation to a parish where the Franciscans are based (El Salvador) to help fund a project to help locals to collect rainwater falling on the church roof which falls in abundance in the winter months. The water is then purified and sold to local people for a cheaper price than they could normally pay. In recent times many in the parish have lost their jobs.